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Our compost is sourced only from reputable compost producers. It comes from any organic waste that can be composted and is composed of refuse organic waste from homes and gardens.  Organic waste can be used to increase the efficiency of many composting operations which can then be added to your soil to sustain local nutrient cycling and soil conditioning..perfect for growing and flowering.



Compost keeps best when stored in a cool, dry place.  If covered to prevent contamination by wind-blown weed seeds and minimise gradual change in biological and chemical characteristics, it will keep best under a gas-permeable cover. 




 The producer of this compost has aimed to supply compost that does not contain germs, sharp fragments, toxins, toxic substances, viable seeds or regenerative plant parts, however cannot guarantee they will never be present. This compost contains naturally occurring micro-organisms, some of which may be harmful to human health if basic safety precautions are not taken. Please wear gloves when handling and wash hands immediately after use.  Avoid eating any of the compost, or inhaling any airborne dust, water vapor or microscopic particles when handling it. 



Mini Chipped Bark


Mini Chipped Bark is perfect for a highly decorative, low maintenance finish for small borders and containers.  It looks attractive, leaving beds and borders easier to maintain.

Bark can be used in pots, tubs and even hanging baskets.
It provides a good mulch and help retain water for plants and shrubs.
Bark also compost slowly, so only needs topping up occasionally.






Northern Irelands Low-cost Premium Screened Top-Soil Supplier

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